The best ways to Make a Felted Cat Toy The Easy Way

You could make a charming felted pet cat toy with this simple technique of felting. The felted feline toy is tough and also crunchy like pretend prey. It additionally has the “hairyness” to provide a sense of realism for your little tiger … Without the captivating hairball after result.

These are lighter than the full really felt building, easier and also faster to make, and also have a bell inside for additional pleasure. It’s a simple and also useful means to recycle small amounts of wool fleece and also thread that will certainly really felt.


Plastic ‘wiffle’ spheres, any type of size, however the 13 to 33 sizes work most ideal.

Woollen fleece: 1/4 oz for small plaything, 1/2 oz for huge toy.

Tiny bells – 1 per round.

Plastic twist ties.

White glue.

Nylon stocking (legs only) or knee-hi’s.

Wire cutters or comparable reducing gadget.



1. Make 2 cuts to the plastic on either side of one hole with the cable cutters to make sure that it creates an opening to push the bell via. Carefully press the bell in through these cuts in the plastic to ensure that it is now inside the ball.

2. Use a thin layer of white glue to all outdoors surfaces of the ball. You might want to set this on an item of plastic or wax paper. Job fast sufficient so that the glue does not dry before you apply the woollen.

3. Include the wool to the outside of the round in a random pattern making certain to cover it totally and also evenly. (Set some of the woollen aside to add later on if you have slim or hairless places after the initial felting.) Cover pieces of thread around the woollen if you select.

4. Grip the covered sphere in your hand and slide it right into your nylon equipping leg or knee-hi. If you don’t safeguard it from the friction inside the stocking, the wool and everything else will certainly be carried out of the round and you will need to begin over.

5. Spin the stocking and also add the plastic twist connection to shut the opening (much like a bread bag) Utilizing a plastic spin connection is essential due to the fact that a paper based connection will disintegrate in the washering! Place the ‘equipping ball’ right into your washing and wash with a tons of garments on cozy or warm water with a cold rinse.

6. When the washing is done, meticulously take your ball out of the equipping (the equipping can be re-used numerous, many times prior to it will certainly crumble). Some components of the woollen could somewhat felt to a new stocking yet this decreases the much more you make.

Examine the round for thin or hairless spots. If you discover that you have any type of, let the sphere dry thoroughly and repeat adding a lot more adhesive as well as yarn to the affected area.

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I have always loved the arts of all kinds. I began dyeing textile, woollen and also yarn while I sought a minor in fiber at the Cleveland Institute of Art back in the early 1990s and my significant was steels & jewelry layout.

I am concentrating component of my innovative energy on dyeing thread and also fiber for knitting as well as custom-made crafted colorways for skeins of yarn.

I have an eStore at with customized fibers as well as fashion jewelry products. If you are seeking grains, unique woollen blends, stitch pens, weaving needles, crochet needles, yarns, and more please visit.

In the future I will be including personalized dyed textiles for quilting and also sewing related crafts. Be on the look-out!

I like to connect with other artists and crafters. It is always intriguing to see as well as review what others are doing. Drop me an e-mail, or make a comment, if you have any kind of tips or concerns.

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